Here's What Our Graduates Say

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"The City of Mesa has hosted The Grantsmanship Center's training programs since 2001 because we believe it’s the most comprehensive training package in the industry. Not only our staff, but many nonprofits have benefited—returning to their offices with the skills and networks to meet the challenge of securing funding for their important work."
John Giles, Mayor
City of Mesa
Mesa, AZ
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"I walked into the program knowing very little about grant proposal writing and left feeling confident and energized to begin the research and writing process. Now, instead of feeling daunted by a proposal, I can break down the funder’s requirements into manageable pieces."
Kevin Mitchell, Administrative & Project Assistant
HomeAid Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
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"This experience means a lot to me as taking this course was huge step toward a goal I neglected for far too long. While I expected to receive a positive response regarding my final project and proposal writing, the excitement and praise I received from the mock review panel, other trainees, and instructor really meant a great deal to me. Taking this course was an experience I won't forget and would repeat, without hesitation."
Terri Gittings, Grant Proposal Writer
House of Ruth
Baltimore, MD
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"The Grantsmanship Center offers some of the best training programs in the country. I've been writing grant proposals for a number of years, and I've taken several workshops. In The Grantsmanship Center training programs, you actually apply what you are learning—and at the end of the class, you have a tangible work product."
Janet Nevels, Grant Proposal Writer
Office of Homeland Security Grants & Technology Dept. of Public Safety, City of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH
"Although we entered 2009 with a significant deficit, we finished the year well into the black, thanks to the training we received from The Grantsmanship Center. After several staff completed the Grantsmanship Training Program, our organization submitted five federal and state grant proposals and received three. This is astounding, especially considering that we accomplished it during what has been described as The Great Recession."
Ron Bunce, Executive Director
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Oneida County
Oriskany, NY
"With the training I got from The Grantsmanship Center, my ability to develop a quality funding proposal has improved tenfold! The second federal grant proposal I submitted after completing the workshop resulted in $750,000 for our drug court program. We’ve also set up a number of other cutting-edge programs that are benefiting from what I learned in your workshop. Anyone who is serious about improving their grantseeking, writing and planning skills should definitely consider this training."
Tammy Woodhams, Executive Director
Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council
Kalamazoo, MI
"I have taken many, many courses over the years—in colleges, graduate and professional schools, and continuing education programs—but The Grantsmanship Center’s training was the best week I ever spent in a classroom."
Karen Porter, Associate Director
Insurance Institute of America
Malvern, PA
"We just found out today that we landed a federal TRIO grant to the tune of $220,000. With this under our belts—and armed as we are now with what we learned from you—we feel as ready as possible to win even more grants!"
Brien Lewis, Dean
University College Winthrop University
Rock Hill, SC
"After I took the Grantsmanship Training Program we were able to win major funding, including a $500,000 grant from HRSA. Those five days truly changed my life—and the life of my organization!"
Cesar Cardona, Administrative Director
Texas Tech University Health Science Center
El Paso, TX
"Yesterday we were notified that we will be receiving $45,000 from the Vidhana Trust—the full amount requested—for Phase 2 of our renovation project. This is a huge shot in the arm for us and will open many important doors. Without a doubt, Grantsmanship Center training is what gave me the ability to approach this project successfully."
Thomas Iannucci, President
Breath of Life Christian Ministries
Lihue, HI
"You have my eternal gratitude! We just heard that we were approved for a $250,000 Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) grant from HUD. This was the first time I was able to use my Grantsmanship Center-acquired skills in putting together a ROSS proposal—one of the most difficult grants to get."
Charlotte Murphy, Grants and Contracts Manager
Housing Authority of Paducah
Paducah, KY
"When we needed help finding the funds to build a new facility, I decided to take your training. Now through a combination of government, corporate and foundation grants ranging from $2,000 to $100,000, plus a capital campaign drive, we were able to raise nearly $500,000 for the project. Today our dream is a realitmy! Thank you for all your help."
Roberta Lehman, Director
Agape Respite Care
Berne, IN
"The Alumni Membership website is terrific! It saves me a lot of time in searching for funding—just one of the ways that The Grantsmanship Center has really changed the way I do my job. Your whole program puts people in the right frame of mind for winning grants. I’d recommend it to anyone."
Mary Ann Drury, Coordinator
New Britain Weed & Seed
New Britain, CT
"Your Membership services are extremely effective. I really like the grant listings—especially the way I can get information that is tailor-made to my needs."
Michelle McDonald, Community Affairs Coordinator
Board of Police Commissioners
Detroit, MI
"The Grantsmanship Center is definitely the gold standard. The very first proposal I wrote after attending your Grantsmanship Training Program received the highest score in the state and resulted in $600,000 in funding! There's no question that this was a result of what I learned in your workshop. I've been to other seminars in grants, but they pale in comparison to yours."
Leaf Schumann, Director
Blaine Family Service Center
Blaine, WA
"I had never written a proposal before, but after your training I was able to secure more than $800,000 in grants for our school!"
Susan Mendelsohn, Librarian/Teacher
Flandreau Indian School
Flandreau, SD
"Within six weeks of taking the Grantsmanship Training Program, I applied for two highly competitive grants from the state—$341,180 for technology and $1 million for school renovation. Out of 128 applications only 24 grants were awarded—and both of our proposals were funded!"
Linda Staylor, Director of Grants and Staff Development
Nottoway County Public Schools
Nottoway, VA
"The proposal I wrote in class was funded for $10,000, and that same year we got three more grants, all of which I credit to what I learned during the workshop. Then, using the program planning skills I learned from The Grantsmanship Center, we established a tattoo removal clinic to help young people who were trying to turn their lives around. My trainer gave me terrific feedback on this project and—more importantly—the confidence I needed to go out and seek major funding. We received $237,000 from the California Endowment plus substantial grants from other big foundations and corporations, both local and national. Thanks to The Grantsmanship Center and the phenomenal follow-up you provide, we’ve been able to make a real difference in people’s lives."
Sister June Wilkerson, Program Director
Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Mission Hills, CA
"Many thanks for your help, not only in the workshop but later with the proposal review. We received the grant—in fact we ended up applying for two different ones and we got both of them."
Joyce Kaczorowski, Coordinator
Winona County Restorative Justice Program
Winona, MN
"We were awarded a $150,000 grant I applied for right after your training program. I also wrote a proposal to HUD, was given first place, and the grant will be for $1,251,380. I appreciate everything you have done for us."
Greg Ball, President/CEO
Neighborhood Development Corp.
Orange, TX
"When I came to the Grantsmanship Training Program, I had no more than a few ideas and a bunch of notes for a community technology proposal that we wanted to submit to the U.S. Department of Education—a highly competitive program with a fast-approaching deadline. I came back with a solid, 40-page proposal that I actually wrote in the class with the help of my team. It resulted in a grant of $118,000, and I know that never would have happened without the specific guidance I received from my trainer and the honest feedback I got from the other participants. I truly can't thank you enough!"
Russ Davis, Grants Specialist
Oneida County Workforce Development
Utica, NY
"I use your grants databases often. The summary information is perfect—I can just print it out and show it to my colleagues. It has everything we need, including deadlines, so we can decide what to pursue."
Regina Hall, Grant Manager
Washington State Cooperative Extension
Davenport, WA
"The online databases that came with my Alumni Membership are awesome! In less than five minutes, I found nine funding sources specific to my geographic area, and more than half of those are a perfect fit for our program. I thought I knew all the likely sources in this community, but this was a wonderful surprise."
Tamijo Reuther-Affor, Training Director
Montana Contractors Association
Helena, MT
"There are other classes in proposal writing, but when people ask me which one to take, I always recommend The Grantsmanship Center’s. One reason it’s the best is that you get to write a real proposal and have it critiqued. That makes all the difference between ‘learning about grants’ and actually getting the grant!"
Jill Azaria, Grant Specialist
Dallas Public Library
Dallas, TX
"I really appreciate your feedback and follow-up help. Since the workshop in Albuquerque, I’ve submitted five proposals, all of which were approved for the full amount requested. Your comments on our IHS Tribal Management application were excellent and each was incorporated into our revised proposal, which was funded for the full amount of $99,000. Many thanks!"
Tim Campbell, Cultural Resources Officer
Graton Rancheria
Novato, California
"I often refer to Grantsmanship Center training as ‘blue chip’ grantsmanship training. It helped me to secure over $2.2 million in local, state and federal funding for my agency last year."
Tami Cummings, Grant Proposal Writer
Washoe County Sheriff’s Office
Reno, NV